Cartography table tips and tricks

01. 31. 2023

Cartography table tips and tricks

Minecraft is a game built entirely around blocks and pixels. Every object in Minecraft is made up of blocks. Every block has a purpose and is placed in a particular category.

Blocks such as Andesite or diorite can be found underground while mining. These blocks have no legal use, except that they have a different texture to cobblestone and stone. They are therefore used as decoration blocks. The game also has tons of blocks that can be used to create certain items or perform specific actions. One example of such a block is the cartography table.

5) Locked Maps

Locked maps can be a great way to make sure that the map is exactly what you want. Locked maps are not like normal maps and stop updating once they have been locked.

If a player believes that a building they have built can be destroyed, or grieved, they can lock that build into their map. To make a map locked, players will need to place it in the upper slot on the cartography table.

4) Making empty maps

Java Edition does not allow players to create empty maps. Players can save a lot of paper by using the cartography table in Bedrock Edition. To create a map using a crafting table, you need nine pieces of paper. A cartography table only requires one.

3. Renaming maps

Another exclusive Bedrock Edition feature is the ability to use a cartography tableau to rename maps. This is a great feature for players who have many maps or multiple copies of the same map. A slot in the cartography table allows players to rename their maps.

2) Note Block

Cartography tables emit a musical tone when placed beneath a Note block, just like every other block in the game. This block emits a “bass” sound that players can hear.

1) Fuel

As with most other wood blocks and items in the game, players have the option to use a cartography board as fuel for cooking or smelting ores. This is a great tool for emergencies.

About the Cartography Table Block

In Minecraft 1.14, the Village and Pillage update introduced the cartography table. This update was released in 2019. It included other blocks such as Barrels, Composters Blast Furnaces and Fletching tables. Looms, Smokers and Smithing Tables were also added.

The Cartographer's job site block is the cartography table. Trade banners, compasses and banner patterns can be made by players.