Nether fortresses and Bastion remnants in Minecraft

12. 28. 2022

Nether fortresses and Bastion remnants in Minecraft

There are many structures that can be created naturally in Minecraft. Some of these structures can only be seen in Nether. Although Nether is dangerous, players can still benefit from the structures and mobs that spawn there.

Bastion remnants and nether fortresses are two of the most important Nether structures. These can be found in every biome, while bastions only produce in four: Nether wastes (soul sand valley), crimson forests, and warped forests.

There are differences between Minecraft's bastion remnant and its nether fortress

Blocks central

Players will find nether bricks blocks, nether brick fences and nether brick stairs in the nether fortress. You can also find soul sand in certain places.

Bastions are made primarily of blackstone and basalt. You can see stairs, slabs and walls made of blackstone inside. Some parts of the bastions also produce gold blocks and quartz slabs.


The nether fortresses have a strong red color scheme throughout. Because they are mostly made from nether brick blocks, this is why they have a deep red color theme.

Blackstone is the main reason that bastions are dark black. Bastions are able to combine this with a basalt-colored hue. These blocks come in polished versions that add variety to textures.

Players can create blaze farms in a variety of places, including nether fortresses. Because each fortress can have up to two blaze-spawners, There are many other mobs that can be found in the biome. These include zombified piglins and wither skeletons.

Only in Bastions can you find a magma-cube spawner. Other than that, piglin, brutes and zombified porclins spawn here a lot. It is possible for hoglins to spawn in bastions that have bridges or hoglin stables.

Bastions are considered to be the most valuable loot, while fortresses don't offer much. Some of the most valuable items a player can get from a bastion include ancient debris, gold blocks and gold ingots.

The players might find it disappointing to explore a nether fortress in search of valuable items. They can still find valuable items such as saddles, diamond horse armor, saddles and gold ingots if they are lucky.

What was the date of the addition of nether fortresses and bastion remnants to the game?

The nether fortress is an older structure than the bastion remnants. These structures were added to the game in the 1.0.0 update on 18 November 2011. Bastion remnants were added in the 1.1 Nether update on 23 June 2020.