Skywars Servers

12. 24. 2022

Skywars Servers

Skywars, a PvP minigame in Minecraft that allows individuals and teams to battle for dominance of floating islands, is the longest-running.

Over a decade ago, Minecraft was a popular game. Skywars is a minigame that has been played by many gamers for the majority of that time. Skywars is a PvP competitive game in which players can either join a team or fight alone on islands in the sky.

Minecraft players must be able to quickly strategize with materials, weapons, armor scattered around various hubs. While it increases your chances of winning, being properly prepared is risky as other players may be doing the same thing.

Minecraft players must find other players interested in playing Skywars. The best avenue to find and play Skywars is through Minecraft servers, and this article will be listing off some of the best servers for players to engage in aerial combat and compete in Skywars.


Hypixel is one the most well-known Minecraft servers and has been an innovator for the online Minecraft community. Skywars is only one of many minigames players can enjoy on this server.

This server is a great choice for players who are looking for a well-established community with a rich history.



If you are interested in Skywars or other mini-games, this Minecraft server is a great option. There are many options, including survival, Earth towny and bedwars.

Herobrine is named after one the longest-running urban legends of Minecraft.


Mineland Network

Another great community-based choice is the Minecraft server. It features responsive moderators and daily quests. There are also a booming player base and leaderboards to climb. Skywars is one of the many minigames and modes that players can choose from on the Mineland Network.



This server's name includes the word “sky”, making it easy to recognize as a Minecraft server of particular interest. This server was primarily created for skyblocks. These are played on a map that is similar to skywars. This server is designed to help players survive using the materials provided and overcome various challenges.

Skywars is a server that's specifically for PvP-oriented Minecraft players.


IP for skyblocks:

CubeCraft Gaming

CubeCraft's sheer size makes it the best server for Minecraft players looking to meet other Minecraft players and join Skywars matches. The server is open 24 hours per day and hosts constant games.

This server has a large community on Skywars and discord. This will allow Minecraft players to keep up-to-date on all the happenings and communicate any issues.