Underwater TNT in Minecraft ?

12. 10. 2022

Underwater TNT in Minecraft ?

Minecraft water blocks TNT. Submerged in water, nothing can be lit or exploded. It won't stay even if it was lit before the water was placed. This is a great way not to explode, but can also be used to blow up things underwater.

This is where underwater TNT comes in. This can be fixed with the Minecraft Education Edition exclusive. This makes it easier to find buried treasure that often ends up under water. This is how you can get it and how you can use it.

Minecraft players will need either the Minecraft Education Edition or the Education Features enabled on Bedrock. These can be found under the world settings. This must be done before world creation. Java Edition players can't do this without mods.

One block of TNT and one Sodium can be used to make underwater TNT. This is indicated by the numbers 11 and “Na”. You can find TNT in natural places like beneath the floor of a temple in the desert.

If one of the four blocks of sand is not available, you can make it with five gunspowder. Gunpowder can be dropped from Creepers, and it is also found in desert temple chests and other loot locations.

Another Education Edition exclusive is sodium. It can be found only in the Creative menu under “Construction” tab. To obtain it, players can also use Minecraft Education Edition's compound creator and other Chemistry tools. Because it is an element, it cannot be obtained naturally.

After it has been made, you can place it and ignite it. It can be ignited using steel and flint. Underwater TNT can explode in air and underwater, but not in lava. Because underwater blocks have no blast resistance, they will explode at the same distance as normal TNT.